Cycling in the City

Sheffield cycle stand

Survey: Cycle stands

Please complete our survey on the styles of cycle stand in Norwich ...
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At Gurney Road heading towards Heathgate

Heathgate to Gurney Road link open

On Christmas Eve the link from Mousehold to Barrack Street opened, this is one of the final Pedalways 1 projects ...
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Cycle City Ambition 2 grant for Yellow Pedalway – Catton Grove Road roundabout

The County Council, as part of the Cycle City Ambition 2 grant to improve cycling provision along the Yellow Pedalway, ...
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Cycling north on Tombland

Comments on Tombland and Palace Street

After several site visits and incorporating comments from the discussion on Facebook, we sent this feedback to Norwich City Council on ...
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Some developments on Marriott’s Way

Greater Norwich Growth Board is implementing a range of improvements along the Marriott’s Way route between Barn Road and Thorpe ...
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Push the Pedalways - The Avenues scheme

Are the changes to The Avenues working?

In a new video Norwich Cycling Campaign shows what it is like to cycle and drive along the new road ...
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A still from a short film on the changes to The Avenues.

Our 2015 has set us up for a great 2016

Norwich Cycling Campaign has been re-invigorated over the past year: that was one of the themes at the annual general ...
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Tombland from Palace Street

Tombland cycle track completion

Following a construction period of over six months and at an estimated cost of £970,000[1] the works on Tombland and ...
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