Cycling in the City

Next Event: Working group on Eaton phase 2

Key requirements for Prince of Wales Road and Rose Lane improvements

Changes are due soon in the Prince of Wales Road and Rose Lane area of the city centre. In this ...
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Employment development Keswick: our response

2016/0764 | Outline Application for Proposed employment development. Land West of Ipswich Road Keswick Norfolk Norwich Cycling Campaign notes changes ...
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‘Improving the A47’: our response

"Improving the A47" consultation March/April 2017 Norwich Cycling Campaign welcomes the opportunity for cyclists to be involved in the early ...
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Magdalen Road/Sprowston Road junction

If you have cycled up Magdalen Road to the junction with Sprowston Road you will know how dangerous the junction ...
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Join our working group on junction design

The Magdalen Road/Sprowston Road junction is a rather intimidating point on the Blue Pedalway. The council has plans to make ...
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Response to the CWIS – May 2016

Question 1  The Government would be interested to hear views on the approach and actions set out in this Strategy ...
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Cycle parking survey results

There was a clear preference for Sheffield cycles stands (pictured) in our cycle parking survey. They scored 4.24 out of ...
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Get Cycling in 2016

Is it a long time since you rode a bike? Returning for its fourth glorious year Bicycle Links are offering ...
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