Cycling in the City

A still from a short film on the changes to The Avenues.

Our 2015 has set us up for a great 2016

Norwich Cycling Campaign has been re-invigorated over the past year: that was one of the themes at the annual general ...
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Tombland from Palace Street

Tombland cycle track completion

Following a construction period of over six months and at an estimated cost of £970,000[1] the works on Tombland and ...
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Would you design a road to force children to cycle in front of large vehicles? Picture: Alternative DfT

Wensum Bridge: creating conflict

Never heard of Wensum Bridge? It's the proposed new bridge that will be the sole access for motor vehicles to ...
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A map showing the comments already made.

Eaton and Cringleford: what’s it like to cycle here?

You are invited to comment on your experience of cycling in this area before 16 November 2015. Norfolk County, Norwich City ...
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Bowthorpe Hall Road blockage

Bowthorpe Hall Road closed indefinitely

We are annoyed at Norwich City Council's inaction over the continued blockage of Bowthorpe Hall Road to the west of ...
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Bluebell Rd

Bluebell Rd shared cycle path

The southern half of the Bluebell Rd shared cycle path has been for many years in very poor condition. Pedestrians ...
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Golden Ball Street consultation response

Norfolk County Council have consulted on changes to Golden Ball Street, All Saints Green and Westlegate in Norwich city centre. A ...
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The Avenues

Cancellation of The Avenues cycle tracks

Norwich Cycling Campaign is extremely disappointed to learn that the proposed changes to The Avenues, as part of the Pink ...
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