Some developments on Marriott’s Way

Greater Norwich Growth Board is implementing a range of improvements along the Marriott’s Way route between Barn Road and Thorpe Marriott. These improvements include street lighting, biodiversity works, surfacing Gunton Lane to Redbridge, improving access points and wayfinding signs.

At the city end of Marriott’s Way, LED lighting units using motion sensors are to be installed for the half mile section from Barn Road entrance to the Dragon Crossing (Anderson’s Meadow). During darkness the lighting level will be low when there are no users on the path. This type of lighting system has recently been installed along Valley Drive on Mousehold Heath.

Works to install the light columns between Barn Road and the Dragon Crossing will start early next week without the need for closing the path. The columns should be largely in place before Christmas while operational light units and sensors will be in place at the start of the new year.

In Norwich Cycling Campaign we hope that improvements like draining hard surfacing, widening of the path at some sections and lighting will get eventually rolled out to a longer stretch of the Marriott’s way to Drayton. This will encourage a greater use of the bike along this route as efficient and safe cycle way into the city by a wider range of cycle users and reduce the intimidating factor that due to surface and lighting conditions this route has during the dark and wet seasons.