June 2022

A family rides into the city - Photo Derek

Halfway through the year already, doesn't time fly! Despite all the bad news it's good to remember that even as fuel prices rise, cycling is still almost free.


We've been out with our stall again and some of you might have come across our tagging campaign. We've got a long way to go in getting our message out there, but we've made a good start.

Following the successful ride around the Orange Pedalway last month, we have another one planned covering the west of the city coming up soon.

We have another ride-through video, the western half of the Green Pedalway from Bowthorpe into the city, a ride that highlights some interesting issues about cycle route design.

Norfolk has lost out in the latest round of government funding for Active Travel because their plans were below the acceptable standard. Although this might seem like bad news, it does show the government is serious about not funding bad schemes and Norfolk County Council will have to up its game significantly.

Tom writes a review of the recent Kidical Mass event in the city which turned out to be a spectacular success. Peter has been to Cambridge to look at two junctions in the city, the famous Dutch-style roundabout and the new "CYCLOPS" junction.


A new version of the Pedalways map is out, but it contains some changes which are a bit concerning and which we weren't consulted about.

Lastly the roadworks have started at the Grove Road / Ipswich Road junction which has cut the Orange Pedalway in two and closed the signed diversion put in place to avoid the St Stephens Street roadworks.

Happy summer solstice!

Events past and future


The campaign had stalls at two events this month, one at the Norwich 100 sportive and another in the Forum Library as a part of Bike Week.

Norwich 100

Norwich 100 - Photo Derek


The 29th May was a cloudy, windy and wet day, so from the start it wasn't ideal weather for an outdoor event, but with the aid of a gazebo to keep the rain off and some rocks to hold maps down we managed. The event was actually the finishing point for several bike rides around the county and, probably because of the weather, that was pretty much all it was. Sadly it didn't really come to life as an event and there were very few people there other than the riders who didn't hang around.


The Forum Library, Bike Week

The stall in the Forum library - Photo Maria

Saturday 11th June, a blazing hot sunny day and we were inside the Forum library alongside Sustrans with our stall to mark Bike Week. This was much more like it, with a steady flow of interested people wanting to talk about cycling in Norwich. A big thank you to the Norfolk library management for this event, we hope to be back again before too long.



Future events


Second Pedalway ride Sunday 26th June

The second ride: following the Red, Purple and Yellow Pedalways


Following the successful ride around the Orange route last month it's time for another ride around some Pedalways.

This time the plan is to meet up outside John Lewis on All Saints Green, follow the Yellow pedalway through the city to St Andrews Plain, then head out on the Marriott's Way, join the Purple Pedalway at Gunton Lane and follow that through Costessey, West Earlham, past the hospital to Cringleford and Eaton, then along Marston Lane to join the Yellow Pedalway and back into the city via Lakenham Way.

A slightly longer route this time at 18.3 Km (11.4 miles) and should take around 90 mins or so. The route is mostly on off-road (shared use) cycle tracks and quiet roads, the only exceptions being the ride through Castle Meadow, a short section in Costessey leading toward Dereham Road and the bit between Cringleford and Eaton. It should be fine to bring your kids.


Meet at All Saints Green (outside John Lewis) at 11.00 am on Sunday 26th June


Eaton Park Sunday 24th July


We'll have a stall at Eaton Park on Sunday 24th July for their band day. Make a note in your diary and pop along and say hello! Further details to follow.


Have you been tagged?

Cycle campaign advertising in the city - Photo Derek


Some of you may have noticed a small tag tied to your bike promoting the campaign. So far we've given out over 300 of these tags, mostly placed on cycles around the market area.


It's interesting to note that very few have been thrown away and quite a few people have tied them onto their bikes!


As an aside it's been interesting to see just how many bikes are ridden into to the city. With pushing 200 parked just in the market area on a busy day, imagine how much space would be taken up parking that many cars?



Riding the Pedalways - Green Pedalway west

The Green Pedalway west - video by Derek


The latest ride-through video from Derek takes the Green Pedalway from Bowthorpe into the city. This is mostly quite a good route with a lot of off-road (shared use) paths.

In Bowthorpe it avoids the place the vast majority of people would want to be cycling to, the Bowthorpe Centre, instead taking riders around the edge of the car park, avoiding the shops. It's interesting to note that the Bowthorpe Centre isn't even signposted from the Pedalway, neither is the diversion around it.

On Earlham Road the cycle lane is marked with wands which are placed on black bases mounted inside the cycle lane which presents a very real danger to cyclists. The rest of Earlham Road can be very busy yet still has on-street car parking.

Watch the ride-through video here.


Norfolk loses out on Active Travel funding

Ipswich Road, where Norfolk CC has cancelled a new cycle lane in favour of on-street parking - Photo Peter

The Active Travel Fund provides local authorities with the money they need for walking and cycling schemes. Norfolk County Council bid for £2.5m but only received £900,000, less than 40% of what they asked for.

Peter investigates how Norfolk's poor performance on earlier schemes has resulted in them not being allocated all the money they bid for.

Norfolk’s lack of commitment to active travel will harm the county’s ability to deal with the overlapping crises of air pollution, congestion and inactively, as well as showing a complete lack of understanding of what’s required to make cities like Norwich fit for the 21st century.

Read the full article here: Norfolk loses out on Active Travel funding

Kidical Mass review

Riders on St Benedicts Street - Photo Peter

At short notice last month, a group of parents decided to organise a Kidical Mass family bike ride in Norwich to highlight the need for better cycle infrastructure so all can enjoy getting about the city by bike. Thomas Woods reports on an amazing day and explains how it all came about and tells the story of the day with some great photos.

Read Tom's review here: Norwich's first Kidical Mass family ride

A tale of two junctions

A Dutch-style roundabout in Cambridge - Photo Peter

You wait ages for a truly Dutch-style junction to turn up in the UK and then two come along (almost) at once, one a truly Dutch roundabout and the other a UK-designed "CYCLOPS" junction.

For many years in UK cycle advocacy circles there’s been talk of “Dutch-style” junctions, and while initial attempts were less than impressive we are now – finally – seeing junctions built in the UK that replicate the key elements that make Dutch cycling so safe and attractive.

By a stroke of luck examples of two of these can be seen in Cambridge, a small university city south-west of Norwich that’s less than an hour’s drive away. So on a day trip over the May bank holiday Peter took the opportunity to visit them both and try them out for himself.

Read Peter's report here: A tale of two junctions

New version of the Pedalways map

The new Pedalways map - Photo Peter


A new version of the Pedalways map was issued in 2021, but it got lost in all the pandemic problems. It is now available and despite the marked price of £5 is actually free from libraries.

Unfortunately it seems some of the Pedalways have been revised and not always for the better. For example the Green Pedalway's eastern half has been moved from the quiet Princes Street to run in the traffic up the hill on St Andrews Street and then down the crowded Queen Street, then instead of following the quiet and mostly traffic free St Faiths Lane it turns right and runs past the double bus bay on busy Upper King Street, then down Prince of Wales Road. That's not an improvement. There are several other changes of a similar nature.

Norwich Cycling Campaign is listed on the cover as partners in this, but we weren't consulted at all on these changes, which we would obviously have objected to.

Orange Pedalway cut in two

The Orange Pedalway closure at Grove Road - Photo Vince

The Orange Pedalway has been cut at the point where it crosses the Ipswich Road and enters Grove Road. The is no alternative route signed - there isn't one really - we are expected to get off and push and find our own way past the obstructions.

There is no option provided for cargo bikes or adapted cycles.

These road works have also cut the signed cycle diversion put in place to avoid the roadworks on St Stephens Street, again, no alternative is signed even though, in that case, there is one.

We raised all these points in meeting with Norfolk County Council highways department and we have simply been ignored.

The result, of course, is cyclists are riding on the pavement, as we warned would happen.



The link we gave to the item "Riding the inner ring road" in last month's newsletter was broken and didn't work. Peter's article about cycling along the inner ring road can be found here: Cycling the (inner) ring road

And Finally

Active travel - the art of the possible (click to watch video)


Liverpool City Region Walking and Cycling Commissioner Simon O'Brien looks at the possibilities around Active Travel.

All of this is just as applicable to Norwich, all it would take is a willingness to do it on the part of Norfolk County Council.


Contacting us

The Norwich Cycling Campaign can be contacted here



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