What a waste of money – trees in the cycle track

Tree pit causing a hazard in the brand new cycle track on Prince of Wales Road

Norwich Cycling Campaign are appalled by the incompetent way the City Council is building the latest cycle facility on Prince of Wales Road. Amazingly it has tree pits in the cycle track!

This is not the ‘high quality’ route that was promised and won’t be safe for cyclists to use when such hazards are built in from the start. It truly beggars belief that such an inept design could have been approved, what were they thinking?

Richard Bearman, spokesperson for the Cycling Campaign said: “It is beyond belief that Norwich City Council planners think cyclists or pedestrians will find this new cycle lane remotely acceptable. This new route is likely to be very popular, providing as it does a contraflow along Prince of Wales Road and offering for the first time a direct route from the station to the city. But it is so obviously totally unfit for purpose. This is in a very high profile place and has the potential to become a defining meme for inept design. Spending thousands of pounds of public money on unusable facilities will make the City Council and our fine city a national laughing stock”

Richard Jennings, chair of Norwich Cycling Campaign said:

“Norwich City Council have repeatedly stated they are following London Cycle Design Standards, but nowhere can I find a statement that says a tree pit in the middle of a cycle lane is good practice. This design and construction should never have been approved by the Norwich Highways Agency Committee.”

He added “Norwich has an increasing number of people cycling, improving their health and reducing air pollution for everyone, yet wasting public money like this is an embarrassment for the city.”