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Over the years there have been many encouraging documents aimed at promoting cycling issued by the government and other bodies. Here is a selection from the past few years.

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Introduction to Gear change and LTN-120 UK Cycle infrastructure design standards

Gear Change



Safer Cycling Advocate Program’s Best Practice Guide

The Safer Cycling Advocate Program’s Best Practice Guide contains a list of positive measures that can be adopted to promote cycling and cycling safety. It is based on the experiences of the Netherlands and Denmark, two countries that have developed significant expertise in the field of cycling safety.

Through the Cycle City Ambition (CCA) Programme, the Department for Transport provided £191 million capital funding grants to eight English cities, or groups of cities, between 2013 and 2018.

The evaluation of the CCA Programme is focused on 14 schemes in the eight cities, comprising between 24% and 66% of the DfT grant. The schemes include ‘cycle superhighways’; shorter segregated cycle routes; ‘mixed strategic cycle routes’ that combine quiet roads, routes through green space, and segregated paths; city-centre schemes; improvements on a network of canal towpaths; and junction treatments.

This report provides an interim assessment of the CCA Programme. A final evaluation will be undertaken in 2020.

Open the document to see the key findings at this interim stage.


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