Brazengate Reopens!

Brazengate area of the city centre. © OpenStreetMap contributors

Hurrah, finally I can cycle the Brazengate/All Saints Green junction again. Its been a long 3+ months since it was closed for re-working, question is, has the hassle been worth it?


Zebra crossing replaces pelican on Grove Road
Junction of Grove Road and Brazengate
Brazengate towards the city
Brazengate approaching the traffic lights
Surrey Street and All Saints Green junction

Changes start past the Grove Road/Southwell Road mini-roundabout with a zebra crossing replacing the previous pelican one. Following this, the junction of Grove Road with Brazengate has been narrowed with the previously marked cycle lane removed.

The cycle lane on Brazengate from the Lakenham way is now marked by a solid white line which should mean that it no longer gets blocked by parked vehicles.

After the Grove Road junction the cyclelane is initially protected by traffic islands until it moves to the middle of the road for the short run down to the Queens Road traffic lights.

At the traffic lights there is a significantly longer Advanced Stop Line (ASL) area for cyclists, and early release lights giving cyclists a 2 second head start – although these lights are only on the main traffic lights, there is no low-level lights this side of the junction, nor any traffic light at the far side to look for.

Once across Queens Road, All Saints Green is as before in this direction as far as Surrey Street where all traffic lights have been removed and priority given to traffic on Surrey Street. As yet the section of All Saints Green leading to Westlegate remains closed.


Cycle lane on All Saints Green
All Saints Green and Queens Road junction
All Saints Green cycle signals
Brazengate cycle lane heading out of the city

Starting almost from Surrey Street there is an advisory cycle lane marked, leading to a separated cycle lane for those wishing to continue straight into Brazengate. Cyclists wishing to turn right into Queens Road have an ASL at the new lights, but no early release.

For those wishing to continue straight ahead, beware of the pedestrian crossing marked on the cycle lane – it doesn’t appear to have any zebra lights, and I’m assuming it implies that cyclists give way to pedestrians. There are low-level traffic lights here, but no early release. The ‘route’ across Queens Road is clearly identified in road markings and leads into the mandatory cycle lane on Brazengate.

This is great for heading to Sainsbury’s or the Lakenham way, but beware, there is no longer a marked island for turning right into Grove Road, you just need to get out into the traffic.

Having just ridden this, it suddenly feels like a fairly significant omission, but if traffic volumes are low it may not be such an issue.

Note that there is no differing road colouring to help denote the cyclelanes – at least as yet – is this planned ?

Most of the work seems to be in accordance with the published plan, at least the revised plans which I don’t actually have a copy of – there are some notable differences to the original plans. Personally I’m just soooo glad to have my normal city cycling access back again, but rather disconcerted by the right turn into Grove Road as mentioned above.

Roy Abigail

Since these pictures were taken a red surface has been added to some of the cycle lanes.