Cycle City Ambition 2 grant for Yellow Pedalway – Catton Grove Road roundabout


The County Council, as part of the Cycle City Ambition 2 grant to improve cycling provision along the Yellow Pedalway, plans to make the roundabout at Catton Grove Road smaller. It also plans wider, shared use pavements around the roundabout creating ‘tiger crossings’ on each road, then making the cyclist fight for their place back into the traffic on the other side. The whole length of Catton Grove Road would be 20mph up to Angel Road.

Do you use this junction? What do you think of the plans? Norwich Cycling Campaign thinks that it could increase the speed of traffic crossing the roundabout, create conflicts with pedestrians and make yet another situation where cycles are allowed on what is effectively pavement for pedestrians. We believe cycle commuters will not see the point of using this shared pavement so will more likely stay on the carriageway to cross the junction, diminishing the purpose of investment for cycling as a real transport alternative for all.

Pedestrian crossings are needed, but has the 20mph zone and speed cushions recently installed already help to improve the area for walking and cycling? Will this be again a waste of cycling money?

We measured the cars contravening the bus gate on Catton Grove Road banning vehicles into the city except, buses, taxis and cycles from 7.30am until 9.00am. Between 8.22 and 9.02am 192 cars ignored this ban. Just a bit of enforcement would lower the risk to cyclists at peak time in the mornings without an expensive rebuilding of the roundabout.

If the roundabout is to be rebuilt, we would like to to see quality cycling infrastructure in the shape of ‘dutch style’ roundabout where cyclists have separate space and priority over the crossings.

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2 thoughts on “Cycle City Ambition 2 grant for Yellow Pedalway – Catton Grove Road roundabout

  1. Very poor plan, agree with comments above.
    Complete waste of cycling money and likely to make less safe and cause cyclist/motorist conflict.

  2. As a cyclist, I believe wherever paths are wider than single file, they should be used for both pedestrians and cyclists, it is far too dangerous to cycle on the road. Motorists just aren’t looking out for cyclists and think normal rules of the road don’t apply when it comes to cyclists, like giving way to the right on a roundabout, I was actually hit once on the mini roundabout just up the road near Sewell park and had many near misses where I’ve literally had to do an emergency stop in the middle of a roundabout, so now I consider my life too important to worry about the views of pedestrians, I stay on the path wherever possible and unless there are drastic changes made AND enforced properly, I will remain the enemy of the pedestrian!

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