Red Pedalway (NCR1)

Marriott’s Way

Route description

Red Pedalway (NCR 1) ride-through
The Red Pedalway route (click for larger version)

Sustrans National Cycle Route 1 is known as the Red Pedalway as it crosses Norwich.

The video follows the Pedalway from the point where the southern bypass A47 crosses Whitlingham Lane in the south east to Gunton Lane in the north west.

In the east and through the city the route is mostly on quiet roads or with some sections of shared use paths, but has a section along a very heavily trafficked part of King Street, which carries the inner and outer ring roads. On the day this video was recorded traffic levels were very low for some reason.

Once in the city at Tombland, the route has been changed by Norfolk County Council to run up Queen Street and then along Redwell Street / St Andrews Street instead of along Princes Street to St Andrews Plain. Why this change has been made isn’t clear, Queen Street is usually crowded with tourists and people going to the many bars and Redwell Street / St Andrews Street can be very busy. The old route via Princes Street is quiet and avoids the hill.

The north western section uses quiet streets to reach the Marriott’s Way, the track bed of the old M&GN railway line for the rest of the route to Hellesdon. Marriott’s Way is becoming a popular commuting route from the northern suburbs and as a shared use path it can be a bit difficult at busy times. The toucan crossing of the inner ring road can get overloaded and really needs improvement.

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