Orange Pedalway

The Orange Pedalway is the inner of the two orbital Pedalways in Norwich. It runs through the near city suburbs which date from Victorian times. It has some very nice off road sections and some roadside shared use pavements, but mostly runs along fairly quiet streets lined with terrace houses.

There are also some below standard sections along busy roads and some difficult junctions and some significant hills along the route as we cross the various river valleys in the city.

Being a circular route it intersects all the other Pedalway routes apart from the Purple outer circle.

Part 1 of the ride from All Saints Green in the south of the city to Aylsham Road in the north

4.7Km / 2.9 miles

6Km / 3.7 miles

Total circuit 10.7Km / 6.6 miles

Ridden by Derek 15th July 2021

3 thoughts on “Orange Pedalway

      1. Maps and planners are all very good but when on the ground and think I want to go to X shop on Y road .. there need to be signposts stating at the very least if it’ll take you North, S, E or W.

        Just calling them colours may differentiate the different routes .. but again; it doesn’t tell the on the road rider where they’re going.

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