Catton Grove Road bus gate

Bus gate on Catton Grove Road. Picture: Google.

To prevent rat-running and a danger to people at the two schools on Angel Road private motor vehicles aren’t allowed to travel south from Catton Grove Road to Angel Road between 7.30am and 9.00am.

For many years the sign on Catton Grove Road was motorised to show only during the restricted hours, but the sign was broken. The police refused to enforce the restriction.

As a result of prolonged badgering by Norwich Cycling Campaign the faulty sign was replaced by a fixed sign, see picture.

In December 2015 we counted 194 cars between 8.22am and 9.02am that were breaking the law. A few weeks ago, during the summer holidays, the number was around 100 per morning.

The broken bus gate sign was replaced in June 2016 so it is now enforceable and we think this should be done as part of improving the safety of this whole area and perhaps encouraging more of the journeys to the two schools in Angel Road to be made by foot or cycle in a quieter, safer environment.