NDR: cycleways incomplete

The promised cycle links around the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR) haven’t been delivered. While Norfolk County Council were keen to allow cyclists to ride on the not yet open road for a single day the stretch between Reepham Road and Cromer Road has no adjacent cycle track. Instead cyclists are expected to use Restricted Byways (RB).

Member John Elbrow has written to the NDR Inspector highlighting the sections that have not been completed as promised:

Drayton RB6 and Horsford RB4

Little or none of the proposed improvement to the surface to the RBs surface has been carried out. Yesterday the RBs were followed with difficulty. The route was poor with mud and ruts, and the route was not clearly defined. Many users ended up wandering the woodland in search of a route through.

Horsford RB5

The route at present is certainly weather proof, but is more suited to the passage of heavy trucks than cyclists and pedestrians. The surface has the characteristics of a pebble beach in many places making progress difficult. A finer top dressing needs to be applied to consolidate the surface for future use.

Horsford RB7

RB7 is shown on the proposals as linked to the proposed (and yet to be completed) cycleway from NDR/ Drayton Lane roundabout to the roundabout on the Holt Road. At present the RB is fenced off at the Drayton Lane end, and also obstructed at the Holt Road end.

Meanwhile member Tony Clarke (pictured) has particular concerns about the design of the roundabouts and the speed of vehicles on them.